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H O U S E   R U L E S
Members and their guests are requested to observe the following House Rules.  The establishment of the House Rules is in adherence to the tradition of prestigious golf clubs and assures that all players can enjoy the use of the Shanghai West Golf Club equitably.
1.       Etiquette
1)         18 holes through play – no breaks for lunch or long rest between nines.
2)       In the interest of all, players should play without delay. All players are required to complete each half round within 2 hours.
3)       If a party fails to keep its pace on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should invite the party following to pass. Private tournaments have the same status as normal rounds and must allow others to pass if they are too slow. On weekdays, a party playing a two-ball may pass the party in front playing three or four-balls. In principle, no party can pass at other party on weekends.
4)       A single player should give way to a party with multiple players.
5)       A party playing a whole round is entitled to pass a party playing a shorter round.
6)       No player should play until the players in front are out of range.
7)       Players are required to repair any divot holes made by them on the teeing grounds and on the fairways.
8)       A player is required to
a)       Rake and smooth out all holes and footprints made by player before leaving a bunker.
b)       Mark his ball on the putting green.
c)       Repair damages made by him on the putting greens.
9)       Players are required to replace the pin flag before they leave the putting greens.
10)    All players are required to follow the instructions given by the Club’s Marshal.
11)    Please do not park drive buggy on the tee ground or the green.
2.       Members are requested to present their membership cards upon arrival at the Club.
3.       Players are expected to arrive at the Club at least 30 minutes prior to their assigned starting time; and arrive at the starting tee box at least 10 minutes prior to their assigned starting time.
4.       The total combined handicap of any party of 4 players must not exceed 108.
5.       For the benefit of others, please refrain from using portable phones while in the Club dining rooms or on the golf course.
6.       While on the golf course, please refrain from smoking except in the designated areas on the tee ground.
7.       Players are expected to check their golf equipment prior to departure. The Club takes no responsibility for any loss of golf equipment and/or personal belongings.
8.       A resting room is dedicated to players’ chauffeurs.  Players are requested to instruct their chauffeurs not to wander around the Club Premises. Players’ chauffeurs may purchase lunch boxes from the Club for consumption at the resting room.
9.       Meals are available at the Club, please do not consume food and beverages brought from outside.
10.    Please note that the Club’s entire staff has been instructed not to accept gratuities.
11.    Players are requested not to reprimand club employees. Please direct all comments and complaints to the Club Management.
12.    Cash payments are not accepted at the Club outlets. Please use the folder to charge all service, food and beverage consumption as well as purchases at the golf shop. Payment to be made when checking-out.
13.    If Members are unable to attend the Club due to unforeseen reasons, they must cancel their reservations and transportation arrangements without delay.




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