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D R E S S   C O D E

· On and off the golf course Members and Guests shall at all times dress in a reasonable, conservative fashion and shall not wear any garments likely to give offence to others.
· Any shirt being worn on the course and in the Clubhouse must have a collar and sleeves. Shirts must be worn inside trousers / shorts at all time with the exception of Hawaiian Shirts and other forms of National Dress.
· Men are required to wear golfing trousers. Shorts, when worn, should be “Bermuda Length”. No tennis shorts, cut-offs, denim, or jeans are allowed. Long socks are recommended when shorts are worn.
· Women are also expected to wear a collared blouse or golfing shirt. Shorts must also be “Bermuda Length”. No cut-offs, denim attire, tennis skirts, or halter tops allowed.
· In all areas on the second floor of the Clubhouse, jackets are recommended for the men; no hats are to be worn; no short slacks are permitted after 6:00pm.
· Shoes should not be removed in any areas except in the changing rooms. Footwear shall be changed only in the changing rooms (except for fittings in the golf shop). Socks must be worn at all time on or off the golf course. Sandals are not acceptable footwear.
· SWGC requires the use of soft spiked shoes or spike-less shoes only. Metal spikes are not allowed.
· Non-players are expected to dress in a smart casual manner.  Non-players using the golf practice area should either wear golf shoes or sports shoes with no heels.
· The Club reserves the right to refuse the use of club facilities by persons not abiding by this dress code. 
Club Members are requested to make aware of this dress code to guests whom they introduce to the Club.


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